The Eisner Awards
Winner: Best Comics-Related Book


“It's a masterpiece.“ – Robert Crumb, 2019


Review: ‘How to Read Nancy’ a masterclass in crafting a comic
“What at first seems like a joke gone on too long quickly becomes an entertaining masterclass in crafting a comic.” – Scott Hall Rapid City Public Library, 8.25.19

Lorraine Crescent

“how to read nancy”
I found this book pretty unputdownable ... a beautiful production as well in terms of its clean design. – David Nichols, 8.23.2019

Surrealistic Sass: Beloved comic strip 'Nancy' has fun with the absurdities of the human condition
”Karasik and Newgarden break Bushmiller's seemingly irreducible craft down to the ground lines, the negative space and the shape of the panels.” – Richard von Busak, 8.14.2019


Goodreads Staffers Share Their Summer Reading Picks – Sam Julian, UX Designer, 5.6.2019


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“A manically thorough formal analysis of a particular Nancy strip. It shows how much thought goes into assembling pieces of a ‘simple’ water-hose gag, and teaches you all you really need to know about comics. Bushmiller started out as a puzzle-maker, and no wonder. All the pieces matter.” – 2nd floor bookseller Colin, 5.3.2019

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Pharaoh Miles’ Favorite Comics of 2018
"A treasure trove of information" – Pharaoh Miles, 1.1.2019

Graphic Policy

Two ways of looking at Nancy
"As the strip is broken down into its raw components—the horizon line, the word balloons, the panel gutters—it rises up again as something strangely monumental, and the insights that emerge can be surprisingly profound." – Alec Nevala-Lee, 12.12.2018

Thoughts on art, creativity, and the writing life

Our Favorite Books of 2018
"…thoroughly informative and wildly entertaining…" – Pat Padua, 12.10.2018

Spectrum Culture

Maybe too much Nancy
"If you value clear and direct cartooning, there’s much to learn from Nancy. Simple writing isn’t as easy as it looks, and neither is simple cartooning." – Mark Rosenfelder, 11.7.2018

Zompist’s E-Z rant page


NO AND SHUT UP: Intellectualism and Its Discontents in Nancy
"A remarkable piece of scholarship, and the obsessiveness with which the authors go about their work is off-putting and inspiring at the same time." – Christopher M. McDonough, 10.27.2018


Brilliant NANCY Book Wins an Eisner 
– Simone Solondz, 10.08.2018

"It's quite an achievement. When you've finished, you certainly know more about Nancy, and comics, and perhaps a little more about life in general." – LA Guy, 9.14.2018

Pajama Guy

The Revamped "Nancy" Is the Perfect Comic Strip for 2018
"A classic Nancy strip as drawn by Ernie Bushmiller is purposefully pristine, Newgarden and Karasik argue in their book." – Kelsey McKinney, 8.7.2018

Smithsonian Magazine

More from SDCC 2018: MAD Magazine, Nancy, and Witches!
"Scholars Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden not only wrote a book about what is often considered the simplest comic strip ever; they wrote an excellent and very smart one." – Nell Minow, 7.31.2018

Movie Mom

Publisher's Weekly

'Nancy' in Three Easy Panels
"A great read for anyone who loves comics and wants to learn more about the
craft." – Stephen Roth, 7.23.2018


SDCC Œ18: MONSTERS and MONSTRESS clean up at the Eisners!
"Easily the most important comics tome of recent years." – Kyle Pinion,

The Beat

ŒHow to Read Nancy: The Elements of Comics in Three Easy Panels (review)
"It could have gone horribly wrong but instead it leaves the reader with a greater appreciation of all aspects of the comic strip art form and its place in the overall concept of art." – Steve Thompson, 7.9.2018

Forces of Geek

Happy 4th of July 2018 with Nancy and Sluggo!
"This is easily one of the most brilliant books about comics, a comics character, that character's history ­and the aesthetics of comics on the whole ­ever written." – Jerry Beck, 7.4.2018

Cartoon Research

'Nancy' goes back to the drawing board
“How To Read Nancy is a dense, almost scholarly book that argues that there is much more going on in Nancy between the lines." – Evan Chung, 6.21.2018

Studio 360, Public Radio International

Birds, Books, and . . .

Reading How to Read Nancy and rejecting the cult of Bushmiller
"I like Nancy a lot, too. I like her more after reading How to Read Nancy." – Jeff Karnicky, 6.18.2018

Daily Comic Strip – Patrick McDonnell, 5.26.2018


Six hearts for well-turned book: Exemplary comics communication takes the humor seriously.
"'How to Read Nancy' is a well-prepared and deeply engaging book that takes the man seriously without getting serious and brings the reader all the way into the cartoon engine room." – Felix Rothstein, 5.12.2018

Politiken (Denmark)

This Week in Nancy: "Mass Hysteria" – Jeff Karnicky, 5.4.2018

Birds, Books, and . . .

2018 Eisner Awards Nominations

The New York Times

The Beat—the Newsblog of Comics Culture

The Washington Post

Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden – Derek Royal and Gene Kannenberg Jr., 4.12.2018

Comics Alternative Interviews

Zippy The Pinhead

Style Weekly

New York Review of Books

Deconstructing "Nancy" – Don Harrison, 2.29.18


New Orleans Review

John Canemaker's Animated Eye

Graphic Policy

How To Read Nancy and Zippy­ – ML, 4.5.18
Editing his balloons – ML, 2.14.18
Bushmiller, Strunk and Wilde – ML, 2.7.18
Nancy, spokestoon – Michael Leddy, 1.31.18

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The Virtual Memories Show with Gil Roth

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Inquiry with Mike Lynch
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How to Read Nancy Reviewed by Frank Young, 12.15.2017

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No Thought to Our Interests by Tim Hodler, 11.27.2017

The Comics Journal

Interesting Ideas

Michael Shelley WFMU radio

The Underrated Art of Simplicity by Thad Komorowski, 11.18.2017

What About Thad?

The Comics Journal

Jerry Lewis’s last (Fore)Words by Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden, 9.1.2017


As one of the members of the first graduating class of How to Read Nancy, I can insure that anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of comics should snap up this thorough (and thoroughly entertaining) extended autopsy of Bushmiller's genius. I learned more about reading pictures from it than I did from seven years of art school.”
— Chris Ware

“A stirring examination of the perfect comic strip and a touching love letter to its creator.”
— Dan Clowes

“Anyone who can come away from this book not understanding the complex thought that inhabits handcrafted objects, minimal abstraction, formalism, the hidden value of orchestration or Nancy should just give up on art as inscrutable and imponderable.”
— Gary Panter

How to Read Nancy details the agony involved in making comic strips. It is also a very funny book.”
— Ben Katchor

“Professors Karasik and Newgarden want to take you to school. They throw down an inky gauntlet, and then back it up with almost absurd levels of elucidation. Filled with valuable lessons, this book is a tribute to the art of the simple, as exemplified by a master cartoonist.”
— David Mazzucchelli

“A crazy idea for a book.”
— R. Crumb